Waste Collection

Black bag curbside collection from formal residential areas
Communal bin collection from informal residential areas
200l ‘wheely bin’ collection from commercial & industrial areas


Street Sweeping

Municipal staff sweep up and clean streets in selected residential areas, business centers and main tourist areas
Street sweepers also empty pole bins and other public litter bins


Public Drop-off Facilities

Large transfer stations in main centers (Hermanus & Kleinmond)
Smaller public drop off facilities for garden and bush waste only
Drop-off facilities for weekend visitors



Recycling at Source Services
Controlled resource recovery at Hermanus Transfer Station
Recycling Companies & Buy Back centers
Bottle banks & paper igloos


Bush Chipping & Composting

Bush chipping at transfer stations & drop-off facilities
Compost manufacture at Karwyderskraal


Waste Disposal

Haulage of waste by road in 30m3 containers from transfer stations to landfill site
Disposal at Karwyderskraal Regional Landfill Facility (Botrivier valley)
Disposal at Gansbaai Landfill Site (Gansbaai)


Environmental & Community Projects

Closure & Rehabilitation of old Landfill Sites
Baboon Proof Bins
Clean-up Campaigns
Alien Bush Clearing
Job creation for the members of the less affluent communities


Special Awards

Cleanest Town Awards 2003/4/5
Blue Flag Beaches