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Waste Disposal


Up until 2002 all solid waste generated in the Overstrand area was disposed of at a number of 'dump sites' located on the outskirts of the various towns (viz Bettys Bay, Kleinmond, Fisherhaven, Hawston, Hermanus, Voelklip, Stanford, Gansbaai).  Investigations indicated that continuation with most of these sites would create a potent risk to the natural environment and DWAF requested that they be closed as soon  as a suitable alternative was in place.  Following a detailed site selection process the Karwydeskraal  Regional Landfill Facility was established in the Botrivier valley in 2002.  This facility together with the landfill site at Gansbaai now serve the waste disposal requirements of the Overstrand.  Both facilities have operating permits issued by the DWAF.

Karwyderskraal Regional Landfill Facility

The Karwyderskraal Landfill Facility is permitted as a GMB+ site (ie. receives general waste, medium size and designed to accommodate the generation of leachate).  The Overberg District Municipality are the owners and permit holders of the site.  The landfill operations on site are contracted out to Millennium Waste Management.  Users of the site include the Overstrand Municipality, Grabouw, Villiersdorp and nearby private companies.  The site presently receives ±35 000 tons/yr and the life span is expected to exceed 40 years.  The site is not open to the general public unless special authorization is given by the Municipalities. 
The facility is regarded as one of the best landfill sites in the Western Cape.

Gansbaai Landfill Facility

The Gansbaai landfill site is permitted as a GMB- site (ie. receives general waste, medium size and in a rainfall deficit area).  The Overstrand Municipality are the owners and permit holders of the site and operate the site themselves.  All solid waste generated in the Stanford and Gansbaai region is disposed at the Gansbaai landfill site.  Plans to expand the disposal area and upgrade the infrastructure have been submitted to DWAF in 2005 for their approval.  Approximately 5000 ton is disposed of each year and if expansion plans are approved, the site will have a life span in excess of 30 years. 


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